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How to find information about where and when an older aerial photo in my possession has been recorded?

If the image was recorded by the company Sylvest Jensen Luftfoto, you can find information on how and where by searching for the series protocol page on the site of Danmark set fra luften 

If a serial number on the back of the photo says ”H 555 – 5”, you have to zoom all the way out on the map and search for: H00555_i. If no letter appears in the serial number, the image is presumably from the Sylvest Jensen Luftfoto L-series. So if the serial number on the back says ”555 – 5”, you have to search for: L00555_i. This search returns images of protocol pages in the left field of the website. Click these images in order to access the landing page where you will be able to zoom in on the protocol page and read the information of image number 5 of the series. 

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